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'' Through Network4Work I found my job hunting community. The course I undertook through Network4work greatly altered my cover letter & cv and provided me with answers as to why my job hunt seemed to be going nowhere. They put me in front of a recruiter and it was enlightening to get their feedback on my cv. The connections I made through Network4work helped me integrate into Norway culturally and also provided that essential mental support that helps on the tough job hunting days and encourages and supports throughout the job hunting process. ''




Sara, USA

 ''Like many people, I arrived in Norway with my Norwegian partner in hopes to find a job and start a new life. As we did not qualify for a partnership visa, I had to take the road of a job seeker visa limiting me to 6 months to find a job before returning back to Australia. I discovered the truth: Norway is a difficult place for anyone - even Norwegians to find a job! Also coming with only a Bachelor degree (very sufficient for Australia) I was competing with a country where the majority of citizens hold Master Degrees. On top of that, I knew only a basic level of Norwegian and to top off the cake being a non-EU citizen, I was not eligible for 99% of the government services tailored to help new job seekers from foreign countries. 


I joined dozens job-seeking Facebook groups, websites, networking meetups etc, each with little to no real value. Luckily however I soon found out about NETWORK FOR WORK! They held workshops to help:

- Adjust my resume (Which was hugely successful in Australia) to what an employee in Norway looks for!

- How to compete with fluent speakers and higher educated candidates

- Walk us through the interview process and prepared us for the kinds of questions they ask in Norway.

- BUT THE BEST part was forming a group and community with all the other attendees `in the same boat´, so to speak, on any events, info and just positive re-enforcement when the "Why does NOBODY like me!" kick in.


With their help, I was able to tailor my resume to get that interview and shine when I got there! 

I am now happy to say I landed a job 4 months from arriving in Norway! I still keep in contact with the people from the workshops today. Thanks for all the fish! ''


             Vana, Australia







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