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Updated: Jun 14, 2019

By Sandra Larriva

Norwegians speak English well enough to make you wonder if you really need to learn their language now that you’ve moved to Norway. If you’re here knowing that you’ll go back to your home country soon enough, you may get away with saying “Jeg snakke ikke norsk” every time things get tough. If you’re here to stay, however, speaking Norwegian will pay off in bundles when it comes to building long-lasting friendships, finding a job and ultimately integrating into Norwegian society.

With this in mind, I’ve gathered (in alphabetical order) all the information you’ll need to pick a Norwegian language course (primarily in Oslo but also in a few other Norwegian cities and online) as well as some resources for DIY learning.

As usual, please do share any comments or questions at the bottom of this post.

Happy snakking!


Choose this school if: you’re a fast learner. Courses progress at a quick pace.

Price: A1-A2 package (96 lesson hours/45 min a lesson), 10,995 nok (115 nok per lesson hour)

Bonus: You’ll get an early bird 200 nok discount if you sign up 20 days before or earlier. Also, subscribe to their channel on YouTube for free lessons.

Last but not least, Alfaskolen is approved by Kompetanse Norge (formerly Vox), which means that lesson hours will count toward the 250 hours required for permanent residency and the 300 hours required for citizenship.

Size: 6-16 students per class

Text Book: På Vei

Schedule: Morning, afternoon and evening

Levels: A1-C1

Test prep: Norskprøve, Bergenstest, Social Studies test

Online: Online classes (through both Skype and an online platform)

Placement test


Kongens gate 15

3rd floor

0153 Oslo

+47 22 41 01 20

Alfa Skolen has a lot of happy students :)


Choose this school if: you’re looking for a more affordable option.

Price: A1 (30 hours), 1,650 nok (55 nok per hour)

Bonus: Free drop-in classes for beginners once a week (17.30-19.00) and språkkafe (no registration required)

Text Book: På Vei

Schedule: Daytime and afternoon

Levels: A1-B2

Tests: Does not provide any official examination


Storgata 38 (entrance from Hausmannsgate)


+47 404 28 454

Other locations: Bergen, Stavanger, Drammen and Trondheim


Choose this school if: you’re looking for consistent and high-quality teaching by a pool of experienced full-time instructors

Price: A1 (48 lesson hours/45 minutes a lesson), 5,750 nok (120 nok per lesson hour)

Bonus: Class hours count toward language requirement for permanent residence permit.

Size: 8-18 students per class

Text Book: På Vei

Schedule: Morning, afternoon and evening

Levels: A1-B2

Test prep: Norskprove, Bergenstest

Online: with Lingua Planet learning platform and through online self-study program


Locations: Oslo and all over Norway


Choose this school if: you want flexibility. There are multiple options to choose from here.

Price: One level (36 lesson hours/45 minutes per lesson hour), 2,990-3,290 nok. All A courses (108 lesson hours), 8,883 nok (82 nok per lesson hour).

Bonus: Skype classes available. You may get a discount in Oslo if you’re affiliated with AIESEC.

Size: 7-16 students per class

Text Book: På vei tekstbok and På vei arbeidsbok for all levels

Schedule: morning, evening and Saturday

Levels: A1 to B1-3

Online: Yes (Skype)

Placement Test: Beginner’s test, Intermediate test


Pilestredet 75C

0354 Oslo

+47 459 56 392

Language Champ offers a big selection of affordable classes in the middle of Oslo.


Choose this school if: you are looking for a fast-track school with a live online classes and good e-learning resources.

Price: From NOK 2,290 per month

Bonus: Lingu is accredited by Kompetanse Norge (formerly Vox), which means that lesson hours will count toward the 250 hours required for permanent residency and the 300 hours for citizenship.

There is a språkkafe every Thursday, 11:30am-1pm. Free and open to all. See their FB page for details.

Size: 6-15 students per class

Text Book: A1-A2: Norsk på 1-2-3 (2017)

Schedule: Daytime and evening

Levels: A1-C1

Test prep: Norskprøve

Online: Yes

Placement Test


Rådhusgata 20,


+ 47 40 3000 40

Other locations: Stavanger, Sandnes, Bergen

Relaxed atmosphere at Lingu :)


Choose this school if: you are looking for an all-inclusive path to fluency at a good price.

Price: Conversation: 30/32 hours (1 lesson hour, 45 minutes), 2,999 nok (94/100 nok per lesson hour).

Grammar: 30 hours at 3,999 (133 nok per lesson hour)

A1-C1 Viking Offer: All-in-one program (every six weeks). Speak Norsk promises fluency upon completion. 256 hours at 18,999 nok (74 nok per lesson hour)

Bonus: Textbooks are included in price. Payments can be made in installments. They also offer job search prep (CV writing, cover letter creation, LinkedIn profile organization and cultural tips).

Size: 7-9 students per class.

Text Book: Their own

Schedule: Morning, evening and Saturday

Levels: A1-C1+

Test prep: Norskprøve. Should you fail the exam, you will get free courses until you pass it.

Online: No


Akersgata 41

0158 Oslo

+47 940 80 049


Choose this school if: you are looking for personalized attention and/or want to bring your baby to school

Price: 5,175 nok per course, twenty 1.5-hour lessons (172.5 nok per hour)

Bonus: Home to the “bring your baby” courses. Officially approved by Kompetanse Norge (previously Vox) as a provider of Norwegian courses for foreigners and immigrants. Lesson hours count toward language requirements for residence permit or citizenship.

Size: Maximum of 5 students per class

Text Book: På vei and God i Norsk

Schedule: Morning and afternoon

Levels: A1-C1

Test prep: Bergenstest


Hegdehaugsveien 5B

0352 Oslo


Note: All courses have begun and will end in mid-June. Email Suzanne for upcoming courses.


Choose this option if: you were granted free Norwegian language instruction based on the type of residence permit you received. Be advised that there may be a long wait (weeks or even months) before you can join a class (i.e. I took my exam on April 23rd and have yet to hear back from the school).

Price: If you don’t qualify for free instruction, you may still register for a fee. Prices vary.

Note: Ironically, their page is in Norwegian with very limited information in English. If interested, call them directly, set up an appointment online or stop by the Oslo Adult Education Service Centre/Oslo VO Servicesenter at Karoline Kristiansens vei 8, at Fyrstikktorget – Helsfyr. It is not possible to register online or by phone. Bring documentation of your residence permit/registration card and a photo ID.

Opening hours:

Monday: 12-18

Tuesday: 10-15

Wednesday: 10-15

Thursday: 10-15

Friday: Closed

Placement test: Most applicants will take an on-site placement test when applying for the course.


Karoline Kristiansens vei 8

0661 Oslo

+47 223 87 700


Choose this school if: you’ve been admitted to degree or exchange studies at UiO or if your goal is to be able to study on an academic level in Norwegian.

To sign up for the summer program, you must apply directly to the International Summer School (deadline is March 1). To sign up for the Norwegian for Academics (NORA) program, click here (deadline is June 1). Keep in mind that there are some academic and English language proficiency requirements for both.

Price: Summer on campus fee: 24,950 nok. Summer off-campus fee: 10,200 nok.

NORA fee: Level 1 (A2) and level 2 (B1) cost 12,750 nok plus a semester fee of approximately 750 nok. Level 3 (B2/C1) costs 15,000 nok plus semester fee.

Bonus: Learn to speak, write and understand basic Norwegian, with this free, four-week, introductory foreign language course.

Size: Maximum of 25 students per class

Text Book: På Vei or Norsk 123

Schedule: Varies

Levels: A1-C2

Test prep: No test prep provided. However, Level III is equivalent to the Bergenstest


Georg Morgenstiernes hus, 2nd floor

Moltke Moes vei 30-32

0851 OSLO

+47 22 85 63 85


Practice your Norwegian with the Red Cross.

Join language groups and courses at Frivillig Sentraler.

Test your grammar online with IGIN (UiO).

Learn even more grammar at grammatikk.no.

For a free interactive Norwegian course, try NTNU.

For online exercises, check out På Vei and Stein på stein.

Learn the 12 for learning foreign languages in record time here.

Find more resources here.

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