Networking at the kitchen table - connecting for friendships as well as jobs

You have probably already noticed that most Norwegians are not very easy going when it comes to interacting with foreigners. It may take some time before you get the conversation going, or be invited to a social event with locals. It is also not customary to invite new acquaintances to one’s home.

Sharing a meal and exchanging words at the table is one of the universal principles of building a community that is valid across cultures. The cozy feeling of sitting around a kitchen table eating a homemade dish can’t be replaced by the fanciest of dinners in a pricey restaurant. And being invited to a Norwegian home is the ultimate sign of acceptance and belonging to Norway.

It's not easy though to get invited to someone’s kitchen table when you're new in the country. But it is not impossible either. Network for Work is here to help you - make meaningful relationships and grow your local network in Norway.

Private chef Ampy Basa opens her home to a small group of Network for Work supporters to host a potluck lunch, create real connections, and share her inspiring story. Ampy had to reinvent herself after coming to Norway and she went from working in finance and law in the US to finding her passion for connecting people over food as a private chef in Norway.

Come experience the Norwegian-American hospitality, make new friends, get inspired, and share a meal. You are also welcome to bring a favourite dish from your country to share with other guests.

Important information!

Number of seats: 8

Fee: 50 NOK (covers drinks)

The exact address of the venue will be sent via email after registration.

Sign up link for the event:

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