It is not only about the job. The language is also important

Updated: Oct 2, 2018

Your efforts paid off and you have finally found a job in Norway. Congratulations!

But should this be a time when you lay back and relax?

Not completely. This is your chance to step up as a colleague who wants to blend well in Norwegian workplace. And at the same time you bring a fresh new outlook and value, as an international!

Landing your first job in Norway is also your chance to learn and practice Norwegian, interact with your colleagues in a meaningful way, find out what brings you closer to the collective. Whether there is a talk about lønnspils on a Friday, a vandretur in the mountains or a ski trip that you would like to join.

Are you unsure how to approach your colleagues during the lunch break?

Network for Work got you covered with resources and good tips on these topics!

Join us for the third event in the series ‘’Work and Language’’ to learn more about the cultural codes in the Norwegian workspace. Our knowledgeable speaker, Samira Cherif will be sharing tips on how to best understand and navigate interactions in the workplace. She will also help you prepare for the peculiarities of Norwegian work culture.

After all, it is always smart to come prepared for your first day.

Join us 5 November, 14-16H. More info and sign-up link to the event can be found here:

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