“Finding a job will be easy for you! Everyone speaks English and you have years of work experience."

Updated: Oct 2, 2018

Unfortunately, this is a myth.

You are new to Norway, you’ve most likely already experienced how job hunting can easily turn into a time and energy-consuming process. Regardless of your skills and experience, references, or the industry you have previously worked in, there is still one factor that outweighs all the others: the cultural context.

The awareness of the cultural differences and peculiarities, not to mention at least a basic knowledge of the local language, can be the ‘make or break’ factor when it comes to successfully adapting to the new environment and making new professional and personal connections.

But when everything is new, where do you start?

At Network for Work we are launching a series of Work and Language events, where we dedicate close attention to helping our jobseekers raise awareness about all the contextual factors that can influence your chance to land a relevant job in Norway.

The first event of the series covers the topic of Learning The Language While Looking For A Job and is led by Samira Cherif. These workshops will give you the necessary A-Z knowledge on the tangible and intangible values of having a understanding the cultural context and its importance for job hunt in Norway.

Join us on the 22nd October, 2018 to learn how you can use the available resources to get ahead of the game and strengthen your lead in the job hunt!

Sign up already today: https://bit.ly/2NpYGIp

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