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We connect therefore we are

Our Mission

Network for Work brings together trailing spouses with a professional background, representatives of open-minded organizations, other expats, and locals to facilitate full use of unused potential and resources through the power of networking. We help trailing spouses find ways back to the job market while supplying organizations with talent and potential.

We aspire to create a friendly and inspiring environment for people who found their new home in Norway through their spouses’ work and offer them ways to acquire skills and knowledge needed for succeeding in their new home country, as well as help them recreate a network of connections they left behind when they moved.


Our values

Honesty  Trust  inclusion
Authenticity  Justice

We build our organization on values we envision as universal in the future world we strive to create. We value honesty and authenticity because only by being honest and authentic to yourself you can unlock the full potential in you.


Trust is essential for any human interaction and a cornerstone of any organizational activity.

We are accountable for the results we deliver to both our members and our business partners, and we expect the same in return – only those who take ownership of their actions can fully realize their potential. The ultimate goal of all our effort is a world where a person’s background doesn’t matter, a world more just and fair.


Our vision

We remove the borders to realize the limitless potential in you.

We are each other’s resources.




Meet The Team

Nikol Mard


In this role, Nikol translates her vision into the organisation’s strategy, as well as ensures that the organisation cooperates with the right type of partners.


Prior to starting Network for Work, Nikol spent two years researching integration of immigrants in Norway from a gender perspective. Network for Work arose from Nikol’s longstanding passion for equality and empowerment combined with her own experience as a trailing spouse in Norway.


Nikol’s varied background in social sciences, sales and non-profit sector provided the perfect foundation for establishing own organization with the vision of fading borders between nationalities, genders, and classes.


Chief Executive Officer

As the CEO of Network for Work, Katerina is responsible for running all facets of the organisation. Katerina has lived all over the world and has gathered invaluable experience as an expat. She has experienced the power of diversity and inclusion first hand and she is passionate about empowering and supporting others in reaching their full potential.

Katerina has a proven business record and over 10 years of experience in providing expertise and delivering business intelligence solutions for numerous organisations in a diverse range of industries across the globe. Katerina holds a BSc in International Business and Management from the Hague University, The Netherlands.


When she is not busy changing the world, Katerina likes to sing (and not just in the shower!).

DAna jurcakova

Manager Corporate Partnerships 


In this role, Dana is focused on building positive relationships with partners and sponsors, as well as developing a framework for Network for Work members’ involvement with the partner companies. 


As an organisational psychologist, Dana is passionate about improving people’s professional lives, with a special interest in work-life balance and diversity in workplace. 


Dana has experience with living in four different countries, and as an expat, she believes in improving the social and emotional well-being of people living in a new country.  

Cristina moldovan

Chief Operations Officer

Cristina is an active ambassador of Diversity and Inclusion of expats and believes in the value this brings to society, the business environment and entrepreneurial community.


Cristina enjoys working with, helping, connecting and informing people. Her inspiration comes for the words of Brian Tracy “Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others” and she’s always on the look for new occasions to learn more, share her knowledge and create meaningful connections.


Her professional background is in Oil & Gas and she looks forward to how she can positively influence and change people’s live.